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Korsets Kraft (Power of the Cross) started in the autumn 1990. On the sqare in Bromölla we collected help for Romania. Their harsh situation was shown on television. During the travel down 1991 we met with pastor Hada, who shared his vision to us. We found the same heart and thoughts and cooperation started. 

Our vision - an oasis of love in a world full of problems

​Needs are found everywhere. The task is to find a trustworthy partner. We are continuously working to find them.  

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Korsets Kraft
Industrigatan 19

S-295 39 Bromölla


E-mail address: info@korsetskraft.com


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Shop: +46 456 - 277 55

Adm:  +46 734 163 474

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Shop: 646-7484

Adm: 5164-3393

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Weekdays 13-17

Saturdays 10-14

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